Racing Maze

Do you always discuss with your husband, mum, friend, cousin or grandma who is faster? Do you always try to prove that you will be much more active during the race? In such a way, the Racing Maze is the best place to find out who tells the truth Of course, don’t forget that the Racing Maze is created for the quicker and the more clever person to win.

The Racing Maze is the perfect choice. You will need to put physical effort because in order to win you need to hurry up, but you will also need to think over the next steps and evaluate the strategy how to reach the exit first. Race with your friends, mums, fathers and grandmas! The more clever is the one who is the first one! It will be even more fun if you go with your pet. When you finish the Racing Maze, repeat the track one more time! Maybe the second time will tell the truth and the end will be different?

The Racing Maze is an adventure waiting for you!
  • This Maze is always chosen when you want to have fun during your birthday. The kids and parents make teams and run towards a concrete prize. What will the loser do? Maybe do 10 push-ups? Or will owe a pizza? Washing the dishes will be perfect. The most important thing is to hurry up and win!  But don’t forget that the most important thing is to participate.
  • It will let you to exercise. It’s a perfect place for physical activity, because the most important thing is not only find an exit, but to do it as quick as possible. If you run in the nature for a long time, the Maze is waiting for you! The smells and the energy of the nature will give you strength.
  • The Racing Maze requires speed, so it’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes to finish the task quickly. The more comfortable shoes, the more pleasant process of the search for exit and its implementation is.

Racing is fun when friendship wins! The Racing Maze will let you to try your physical abilities and spend fun time with your family or friends. If you have missed time in the nature, adventure or want to try out something new, visit us.

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