Enjoy a variety of flavors in the pizzeria and discover a culinary haven at the Labyrinth Fun Park, where every bite of pizza is a journey into different delightful experiences. Our Pizzeria is an excellent spot for pizza enthusiasts who are looking not only for popular but also new flavors that can surprise with fresh culinary experiences.

The Maze Park’s pizzeria is a true paradise for pizza lovers

Immerse yourself in the basil-scented world of pizzas with favorite flavors such as Vesuvius, BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, Margherita, and Salami. And for those craving a hearty and energy-packed pizza until evening, we invite you to taste our special Satisfying Pizza. Adorned with three different types of meat and, of course, with its Majesty – bacon. Spice enthusiasts, do not miss the fiery flavors of our Spicy Pizza. We believe that every visitor of the Labyrinth Fun Park will leave our pizzeria satisfied, full of energy, and with a contented belly.

Sip and savor

Being active and enjoying trampolines and attractions will surely make you thirsty. To quench your thirst, visit the Pizzeria with a wide selection of hot and cold drinks. Choose from a variety of refreshing drinks, including colorful and exceptionally refreshing sherbets, beloved by the park’s little visitors. Our drinks menu is even more diverse than the pizza offerings, so every visitor will find something to enjoy.

Dessert – a necessary energy boost

No meal is complete without sweetness! Treat your taste buds to our tempting desserts, which will undoubtedly leave the best impressions and provide even more energy not only for entertainment but also for conquering our most challenging mazes. Because in the Labyrinth Fun Park, we believe that every lunch or dinner experience should end with a sweet note.

Whether you’re looking for spicy flavors or a refreshing treat, our pizzeria promises a great atmosphere and delicious food. Come, indulge yourself, and create unforgettable memories at the Maze Fun Park – where good times and great flavors come together.

Come and treat your taste buds!

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