Rules of payment


1.1. The order is applied when it is paid for the tickets in the website:;

1.2. The price of each ticket together with the descriptions of services to be provided is indicated separately on the website.

1.3. When buying a ticket, the Buyer must to the following:

1.3.1. fill in the boxes ticket by asterisk in the information window of the Buyer;

1.3.2. pay for the price of gift coupon according to the instructions indicated in the system of

1.4. The Buyer can make a payment one of the following methods:

1.4.1. by bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard);

1.4.2. by using internet banking.

1.5. Money is not refundable for the bought tickets.

1.6. Money is not refundable for the tickets that have been used.

1.7. Request for refund can be provided by the person who paid for the Tickets.
1.8. Refund is made not later than within 15 working days from the day of receipt of request. Money is refunded to the bank account from which the payment for Tickets was made.

1.9. If the Buyer ticks that he wishes to receive an invoice, the invoice is sent to e-mail address indicated in the Order.





2.1. Tickets are sent only by e-mail, to the e-mail address indicated in the information form of the Buyer.




3.1. The ticket(s) confirms the right of the holder of the ticket(s) to use services for the amount indicated in the ticket(s).

3.2. The holders of the ticket(s) can use only the services indicated in the Ticket.

3.3. If the preferred amount of services exceeded the value of the ticket(s), the difference can be paid for in the place of provision of services indicated in the ticket.

3.4. The ticket purchased by Buyer is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase of the ticket (if it is not indicated in the ticket). This period is indicated in the Ticket.

3.5. The Tickets for visiting the Labyrinth Park are valid only during the opening times of the Labyrinth Park: from May to October and no longer than for the period indicated in the Ticket.

3.6. The period indicated in the Ticket and Gift coupon cannot be extended and (or) renewed except for case when the Labyrinth Park cannot provide the service within the period indicated in the Ticket or Gift coupon due to force majeure;

3.7. If the Buyer does not use the Ticket within the period of validity indicated, the money for the Ticket that hasn’t been used is non-refundable.

3.8. The Ticket(s) and Gift coupon(s) is (are) not exchangeable into cash.

3.9. If the holder of the Ticket(s) purchase services for a smaller amount than indicated in the Ticket(s), the remaining amount is non-refundable for the holder of the ticket(s).

3.10. VAT invoice is not issued to the holder of the Ticket(s) or Gift coupon(s) if he pays off the Ticket(s) or Gift coupon(s).

3.11. The Ticket(s) or Gift coupon(s) should be used within one time.

3.12. If the holder of the Ticket or Gift coupon wants to use the Ticket or Gift coupon, he must provide a valid Ticket or Gift coupon in the place where the service is provided. The number of Ticket or Gift coupon and the date of validity must be seen in the Ticket or Gift coupon. In case of provision of service, the holder of the Ticket or Gift coupon can apply by phone number, e-mail or other way indicated in the Ticket or Gift Coupon.



4.1. The company notifies that the following personal data (categories of personal data) can be collected and processed in the website:

4.1.1. Personal contact data during payment: I. Name; II. Surname; III. E-mail address; IV. Phone number;

4.2. The above mentioned collected data can be used for replying to the requests and stored together with the whole content indicated (including Name and surname, E-mail address, phone number).

4.3. Company does not collect, store and does not gain your connections to the bank (including the bank account number). All the following data related to your bank accounts are processed by the payment collection systems (Paysera in this case).

4.4. The indicated personal data are collected and processed only according to the grounds of legal processing of the data indicated in the legislation. The above indicated data is processed on the following legal grounds:

4.4.1. We notify you that your personal data will be stored for the period of 24 months. This period may be extended, if the personal data are used or can be used as a proof or the source of information in the pre-trial or any other investigation, including the investigation performed by the State Data Inspectorate; civil, administrative or criminal proceedings or in other cases indicated by the laws. In such a way personal data can be stored for a long as it is necessary for the purpose of the processing of data and destroyed immediately when they are not necessary any more.

4.5. The data collected can be transferred only in such cases when the transfer of data is necessary in the following cases:

4.5.1. To the Court of the Republic of Lithuania, law enforcement authorities and (or) state institutions to the extent as it is indicated by the requirements of legislation;

4.6. If the recipients of personal data who are present not in the country of European Economic Area (EEA) appeared in this list of personal data recipients, personal data are transferred only to the countries that are confirmed as appropriate for data security level by the decision of the Community or to the countries in respect of which the measures of protection established by the Article 46 (2) or  (3) and Article 49 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation are applied and with which you will be able to familiarize having contacted with the contacts indicated in this Privacy Policy.



5.1. By purchasing the Ticket on the website www.labirintuparkas.dovanu-kuponai and having ticked “I met the rules”, the Client declares that he understood the conditions set in the rules and agrees with them. If you do not tick that you have met the rules, you cannot proceed with the order.


6.1. The Client must indicate the data in the reservation log correctly. Service provider is not responsible for other false data indicated by the Client.
6.2. The electronic payment system JSC Paysera LT is responsible for correct provision of payment services.
6.3. Service provider is not responsible for failures of the system of purchasing Tickets if they appeared not due to their fault and for other troubles that do not depend on them.