Baras Anykšiuose

Bar in the Labyrinth Park

When entertaining actively in the Labyrinth Park, you will definitely want to refresh and quench your thirst. We welcome you to the Bar at the Self-service café full of delicious drinks for mothers, children and grandparents! The Bar renews its menu regularly so you should definitely see the offers and try out soft drinks, cocktails or coffee of various flavors.

The Bar is famous for its locally made homemade kvass. It can be enjoyed both by children and adults who like to try out new tastes. You can also find a variety of soft carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and a variety of juice of different flavours that will refresh and fulfil your body with necessary vitamins, in the Bar.

The Bar is not a bar without a choice of various coffee drinks. You can enjoy espresso, Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, back coffee or coffee with milk here. If you love drinking coffee of individual flavour, we can also offer something special for you! Our staff will make your favourite drink according to your recipe just don’t be shy and tell us what coffee is the most delicious to you! Tea lovers can enjoy a vast choice of tea from leaf tea of various flavours to a variety of tea in teabags. According to your needs we can offer you tea with lemon that you can sweeten with brown or white sugar or honey.

What a bar without cocktails of various flavours! Everyone from the smallest visitors of the park to adults can enjoy their favourite cocktails here. If you don’t find your favourite in the menu of the Bar, ask the staff at the Bar what drink to choose from according to your needs and don’t get disappointed by a taste or quality. And finally, various ice cream desserts and sorbets are for those who are eager to return to the entertainment park.  You can choose your favourite flavor in your desserts and go back to entertaining in a blink.

All visitors who look for a place for a pleasant drink outside the town, not only the visitors of the Labyrinth Park are welcome in the Bar in the Labyrinth! Come over!

Bar is open during the opening time of the Labyrinth Park.