While indulging in so many unlimited and active entertainments, there will certainly come a time when you will need to replenish your energy. Catering is another service you will find in our list of services. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t run out of energy, visitors to the Labyrinth Entertainment Park definitely need a place to recharge. If you didn’t bring snacks with you, Pizza and Fast Food Snack Bar are at your service.


A great place to have a hearty and delicious meal. Here you will find pizzas of various popular flavors: Vesuvius, BBQ with chicken, Hawaiian, Margarita, Salami. For those who especially enjoy a hearty meal, we recommend trying the Hearty Pizza, which is covered with three types of meat and, of course, the queen of hunger-satisfying bacon. For lovers of spicier sensations, we have the Spicy Pizza. So we believe that every visitor to the Labyrinth Entertainment Park will leave the pizzeria satisfied and full.

The pizzeria offers a rich selection of hot and cold drinks, plenty of refreshing drinks, and the favorite colorful and especially refreshing sherbets of the little park visitors. You will also find desserts here, of course 🙂

ATTENTION! The pizzeria is only for Labyrinth Entertainment Park visitors. It operates during the summer season every day from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.


For those who don’t have time for serious lunches and want to snack quickly and deliciously, the Labyrinth Park Snack Bar is the best choice! There are so many snacks here, and they are so diverse that everyone’s needs will be satisfied. Kebabs, various panini sandwiches, fried potatoes, sausages, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and many other hot and quickly prepared snacks will satisfy and energize those who are in a hurry and don’t want to waste time but rather enjoy the park’s entertainment all day long.

Labyrinth Entertainment Park – not only for the little ones but also for the big ones!

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