When entertaining in the Labyrinth Park no little or big entertainer will stay hungry. In the park, catering is provided in three places so you can stay calm that even the most picky visitors will have their stomachs full. The Self-service Café, Bar and Ice-cream parlour are open not only to the visitors of the park, but to all who just want to eat delicious food in an exceptional atmosphere.

Snack bar

Užkandinė - ledainė Anykšiuose

If you don’t have time for a serious lunch and want to eat quickly and have a nice meal, a Snack bar in the Labyrinth Park is the best choice! There are so many various snacks that everyone’s needs will be satisfied. Kebabs, various Panini sandwiches, French fries, sausages, chicken nuggets, hotdogs and many more hot and quickly served snacks will fill the ones in the hurry and refuel them if they do not want to waste their time and enjoy the entertainment in the park all day long.

The Snack bar is open at the opening times of the Labyrinth Park. It’s a place where everyone can find what to eat!

Ice cream parlor

Can you imagine a day without a dessert as a feast for the palate and a boost of energy, uplift of the mood? In such a case we are inviting you to visit the Ice cream parlor in the Labyrinth Park where everyone can choose a dessert for their own taste! Ice cream bubbles of magnificent flavor and melting in your mouth can be ordered in a waffle or a cup here! And what a choice of tastes!  We offer a variety of ice cream desserts, cakes, chocolates and sweet snacks with hot coffee or tea drinks or cocktails.

Come to the ice cream parlor and enjoy a sweet moment. Bon appetite!

Self-service Café

Savitarnos Kavinė Anykšiuose

Self-service café is a perfect choice for those who like eating delicious and full food! You can eat as much as your stomach holds in since portion sizes are unlimited here.

Self-service café offers a variety of different dishes to fulfill the needs both of a gourmet and of a person who likes traditional Lithuanian food. Meat dishes and potato dishes, that are usually called the most important food for a Lithuanian, are waiting for the hungry ones. There are flour dishes, the most delicious and popular soups and various salads here as well.


Baras AnykšiuoseVarious soft drinks, juice, a vast choice of coffee and tea are offered here. Various flavor cocktails are suitable both for the little and big visitors of the park. The Bar renews its menu regularly so you should definitely see the offers.