Snack bar

Labyrinth Park Snack Bar

For those who don’t have time or the desire for serious meals and want to quickly and deliciously snack – the Maze Park Snack Bar is the best choice! Here, there are so many snacks, and they are so diverse that everyone’s needs will be satisfied.

A wide selection of various cold and hot snacks awaits, from which even the biggest gourmets will find something to delight their taste buds. Especially popular are the delicious and crispy kebabs. It provide energy for active amusement park visitors and not only please the palate but also satisfy the stomach. Also, there’s a vast array of Panini sandwiches. They are perfect for those who enjoy various hot sandwiches. Tasty and beloved French fries, jokingly referred to as Lithuanian food. And sausages with a garnish of fresh vegetables, which pair perfectly with the mentioned fries, are also available.

For those seeking something unusual, chicken bubbles are recommended. Be cautious, as it’s said that one portion is not enough because it’s simply delicious! Baguette sandwiches, Italian sandwiches, Lithuanian kibinai made according to traditional recipes are also attention-grabbing. Try the chebureki as well. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. You can choose from various types of ice cream or candies. In the Snack Bar, you will also find coffee made by various machine methods: black, espresso, cappuccino, and latte. For fans of cold drinks, we can offer sherbet in various flavors, carbonated and non-carbonated refreshing drinks, children’s juices, and other beverages.

You can visit the Snack Bar during the Maze Park’s working hours

It is located near the entrance to the Racing Maze. Comfortable benches and tables are available near the Snack Bar where you can sit. Nearby are Giant Chess and Checkers, and Giant Jenga. So, you can be assured that the quickest eaters in your family or friends’ group won’t have to impatiently wait for you at the table; they can immediately go try out the mentioned activities.

For those who want to dine leisurely with family instead of quickly snacking, we invite you to visit the Maze Park PIZZERIA.

If the snack bar energizes you so much that you want more fun, be sure to visit the “Tokiame kitokiame miestelyje” attraction.