Snack bar

Snack bar in the Labyrinth Park

Labirintų parkas, užkandinėIf you don’t have time or don’t want a serious lunch and want to eat quickly and have a nice meal, the Snack bar in the Labyrinth Park is the best choice! There are so many various snacks that everyone’s needs will be satisfied.

There is a big choice of both cold and hot snacks to choose from even for the biggest gourmets. Delicious and crunchy kebabs gain a lot of attention because they energize the active entertainers and not only make a feast for the palate but also fill and empty stomach. Also there is a vast choice of Panini sandwiches that perfectly suit for people that love various hot sandwiches. There are some delicious French fries that are loved by children and called Lithuanian food for fun and sausages with a side of fresh vegetables that suit perfectly with the French fries. If you want something unusual, chicken nuggets are recommended. Be careful, it is said that one portion is not enough as it is too delicious!  Baguette sandwiches, Italian sandwiches, Lithuanian kibinai, that are made according to traditional recipes, also receive a lot of attention. We invite you trying chebureki. Don’t forget to leave some place for a dessert. You can choose from a variety of ice creams or sweets. You will find different kinds of coffee (black, espresso, cappuccino and latte) made in a coffee maker in the Snack bar. For the lovers of cold drinks we can offer sorbet of various flavours, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, children juice and other drinks.

You can visit the Snack bar during the opening hours of the Labyrinth Park. It is situated near the entrance to the Racing Maze. There are comfortable benches and tables by the Snack bar. Big Chess and Checkers, Hanging Maze, Big Jenga are nearby. So you can stay calm that the quickest eaters in your family or among your friends won’t need to stay at the table waiting for you and can try out those entertainments.

A place where everyone finds what to eat!