Ice cream parlor

Užkandinė - ledainė Anykšiuose

Ice cream parlor in the Labyrinth Park

Both the visitors of the Labyrinth Park and the passers-by are very welcome to the Ice cream parlor situated near the entertainment park. If you cannot imagine a day without a dessert as a feast for the palate and a boost of energy, uplift of the mood and refreshment, then we invite you visiting the Ice cream parlor in the Labyrinth Park where everyone can choose a dessert for their own taste!

A choice of various desserts is waiting for you here! Ice cream bubbles of magnificent flavour melting in your mouth can be ordered in a waffle or a cup!   And what a choice of flavours! Everyone will find a taste they love most. When some like strawberry ice cream most, others choose chocolate ones with an aftertaste of bitterness. Also citrus, caramel, coffee, pistachio ice cream is liked a lot, and the mango taste ice cream is the summer TOP. We offer you not only ice cream bubbles.  The lovers of a classical ice-cream in a waffle cup will find the flavours they love. You will also find the colorful sorbets of various flavours which will refresh in a hot summer day that it seems the body freezes! The ice cream parlour is not only the place where you can find a variety of various ice creams. You will find chocolates, sweets and cakes of various flavours to make a gloomy day sweeter and better. What a dessert would be without a cold or hot drink which perfectly goes with the dessert you choose. There is a variety of tea of different flavours and a variety of coffee drinks from classical espresso to various flavours Latte. You will find various carbonated soft drinks , juice and just still water here.

For your own convenience there are tables near the ice cream parlour where you can enjoy your favourite desserts and enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the Labyrinth Park. The Labyrinth Park is not only an entertainment and amusement park; every visitor can find an oasis of nature and peace for oneself.

An ice cream parlor is a place both for the little and the big sweet teeth. Do not pass it by and come to have a sweet moment!

Bon appetite!