Fish feeding area

If you are a lover of peace and nature, we believe that you will be impressed by Fish Feeding Area as one of the unique places in the Labyrinth Park. The Area is situated on the bridge of the pond in the park. The Area is perfect for spending time romantically on a comfortable bench and enjoying the view. Here you can see colourful KOI carps.

KOI carps slowly swimming through the pond water. If you look more attentively you will see decorative crucian carps. The grass carps are the biggest fish in the pond which is rarely seen. They take care of the cleaning of the pond. Sometimes bring their heads to the surface to greet the visitors of the park.

If you want to look at the fish from closer, you will need to attract them with food. This dish contains special food loved by fish so even a few grains will attract fish near you. You will just need to put 20 cents coin into the feed vending machine and by turning the handle of a dispenser colourful grains will start falling into your palm.

When you start dropping food into the water, common crucian carps will fall like bullets into the water and it seems as if the water boils. So don’t rush and don’t put all delicacies for fish. After some time, KOI carps and red crucian carps will appear and they love being fed.

The grass carps appear only to the most patient visitors. So if you want to see them, you will need to throw the food as further as possible from the bridge and try to be calm. If you are patient, watch the water and after some time this big fish will come over to be fed.

Fish Feeding Area is a perfect place to relax from various entertainments and enjoy the nature surrounding you.



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