Hemp maze

Hemp Maze is a maze with a distinctive smell made in a field of hemp grown for fibre.

The visitors can enjoy the maze from July to October. It is an exceptional maze because the height of this fascinating plant reaches up to 2.5 metre. So neither buildings, nor trees in the park will help you to orientate when walking through the maze.  Because they will not be seen. You will need to follow your instincts, sun position or even your intuition. The sky and the beautiful hemp leaves will be everything you will see when you raise your head.

Don’t be afraid, the Hemp Maze isn’t big or complicated so if you will get lost a little, you will still easily find the exit. So we recommend starting your acquaintance with mazes from this very maze because it’s  a light warm-up before trying out more complicated mazes  in the Labyrinth Park. There are seven more mazes here!

Before starting your journey in the Hemp Maze we recommend choosing comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Comfortable shoes will help you to walk through the paths not only in the Hemp Maze but in other mazes as well. If you set your goal to try them all out, be prepared to walk about 5 kilometres through mazes. Loose clothing will be irreplaceable when trying out other entertainment.

Don’t run in the maze. If you want to find out who is quicker from your group, go to the Racing Maze.  We kindly ask people to avoid going through the walls of the maze and protect the stems of these graceful plants.

By the way, don’t forget your pets when coming to the Labyrinth Park! It is much more fun going through the mazes and entertaining together with your little four-legged friends. Just it is important that your four-legged friends will be friendly to other visitors of the park and the animals in the Mini Zoo.


The Labyrinth Park is for unique entertainment and good time!

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