Owl’s house

There is an Owl’s house in the Labyrinth Park. At night time in order to protect the whole park we leave a little owl. She protects the park and everything in it. At daytime she sleeps and rests while hiding. Even in her sleep she is very watchful and good. She allows the children to enter her house, find out more of owls’ life and even greet her because she can hear the little ones!

The house is open to all children who want to find out more on the daily life of this nocturnal animal. The big-eyed bird lives in a hollowed out wooden house where a few children can fit in! Should we organize a competition to find out how many children fit in the owl’s house?

The visit to the Owl’s house if free because the being the Owl’s guest is included into the ticket price.

You can stay there until the park closes so if you love staying at the Owl’s house, enjoy it as much as you want! The Owl kindly welcomes everyone. Of course, be a tidy guest. Do not leave any rubbish, do not write on the walls of the house, do not carve with your knife or pins. The Owl does not litter at you house! When you open the window from the outside, be sure to make a photo. Because no one will believe that you have been in the house of such a magnificent bird. It is said that if you run around the Owl’s house for three times and make a wish, it will come true. It’s a magical place where your wish can come true so because it is so simple, you definitely need to try this out!

The Owl’s house is waiting for you near the summerhouses for your picnic! By the way, you don’t need to feed the owl. At night time she finds the crumbs you left and enjoys a feast…

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