Topiary garden

Probably you have noticed that attention to the nature goes along with a good mood in our park. We want that people would spend more time in the fresh air and it would give them more sincere emotions. The Topiary garden is a must see. It is a place for a quite walk, making a picnic and spending as much time as you want.

Our park is created by professional landscapers, artists and florists who try to revive the plants for a new life by joining their skills together. Don’t forget to make photos – the more, the better. Take a shot near a couple of bears which shows their greatness, elegance and the feeling of nature that we want to nurture in our garden. Birds also want to appear in the picture and make an impression of freedom, elegance and uniqueness. Finally, our artists create not only animals, but some unusual sculptures such as a hand gesture or a thing which allows looking at it at a very different angle. Each sculpture is unique, so if you have any idea that needs to be implemented, be brave and share it with us. Maybe it will decorate our garden where wishes come true.

It is said that when you come to the Topiary garden, you need to think of a wish and say it in your mind. The wish you created becomes true because the magic of the nature makes ideas become true. So this small garden is a magical place where we offer to admire the works of our artists and also think of your dreams. They will definitely come true!

  • Please don’t touch sculptures.
  • You can make as many photos as you want.
  • You can put a blanket near the garden and enjoy the garden as long as you want.
  • The Topiary garden looks good not only during warm days but also when it’s raining. If you visit us when the weather is not so great, don’t pass the garden by in a rush. It is worth to look at the rain drops falling from the leaves!

The Labyrinth Park is near the nature!


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