Driving school

A lot of children look at their parents who can drive a vehicle with a little envy. It is understandable that it looks like not only a work, a process, but also a very fun activity. It is very expensive to buy your own car so you can try one in our park! Driving school is waiting for all future drivers who want to learn how to manoeuvre and to drive.

We have very different vehicles in our school so you won’t need to wait in a row for a long time if you want your child to try out this very fun activity.

It costs 1 EUR to drive a little tractor for 3 minute so you can buy as much as you want. The recommended weight of a child is up to 50 kilograms, a child can drive our little tractors from 2 years old.

We left quite a big territory for driving and put some benches near the school for parents to sit on that they could watch and make photos of their children easier. Don’t forget to explain to your child that it is very important to have driving ethics, respect others, take care of oneself and treat driving responsibly. Those experiences will help to become a good driver in the future!

  • Please explain to your child that it is important to respect other drivers in the school. It means that you cannot drive into one another, order is important.
  • While instructor is explaining how to use and drive a car, children should listen to him very attentively. May it be not only an entertainment but the first step to the driving world.
  • If after one lesson a child doesn’t want to stop, you can always pay for more minutes!
  • Driving school is set among trees so children should try to manoeuvre distances. So the lessons are more exciting because you need to put more effort!

Driving school is for children, but parents also feel a lot of good emotions. If you want to make your stay in the Labyrinth Park more interesting, little tractors are always a fun activity. Maybe it will be the first encouragement for a little driver to think about their future profession as a driver.

The Labyrinth Park is for gaining new skills!


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