Tubby slide

If after a long walk around our park you got tired a little bit and want to sit down for a while, it is ok, but you can entertain even when sitting! Tubby slide is an adventure both for children and adults. It is sliding in a tire in the different tracks which causes best emotions.

You can simply slide down. The feeling is as if you were on the sledges but it is much faster and it lasts longer. You can slide down, then go up like on a ramp! The feeling is as if you were on a skateboard. The best way to find out which entertainment you like most and which suits you is trying both of them. You can slide as many times as you wish.  After sliding down you should go the end of the queue and wait until you can feel the wind in your hair again!

Is it good for kis?

The tubby slide is completely safe but small children should slide with an adult. You can choose from a single or double tube so you can share this entertainment with a loved one. And when a child feels braver, maybe it is time for him to try the track by himself. Also you should definitely listen to the advice of the staff because their experience and recommendations are very useful. Try not to seesaw and manoeuvre too much when sliding down, because the surface and the tube will do the whole job themselves.

You just need to sit comfortably and enjoy new sensations and feel the adrenaline. The slide is perfect for the visitors of different age and build, so all interested in making adventure should at least once or even twice slide in tube.

Roller coasters are suitable when you want to experience as many adventures as possible! When your relative is testing his boundaries of fear, you must definitely capture his smile because the natural human’s emotions are revealed in such moments. Such photos even after many years will help to return to this enjoyable day in your memories!

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