Distorted Mirror Room

Would you like to find out how would you look like if you weighted 50 kilograms more? Or maybe are you interested in your looks if you are at least one metre higher? In such a case Distorted Mirror Room is the best choice. It is a place where you will easily encounter with a miracle. In each mirror your image is magical and different and more unique. Distorted Mirror Room is a unique place which will be loved both by children and grown-ups! Dear grandma, grab your grandson’s hand and come over to enjoy the miraculous world of mirrors.

The Distorted Mirror Room is a place of illusions where your image acquires various forms!

  • We kindly ask avoid touching mirrors with your hands because you can smear the surface of them. Even though we clean the mirrors very often, we would like that each visitor can enjoy their unusual image without any additional disturbances.
  • This room which creates illusions is an awesome place for making photos. Do you agree? In such a case, grab your cameras or phones and enjoy your images by changing poses. How do you look like the most beautiful? Maybe an additional metre to your present height is suitable…
  • The land of mirrors welcomes children who are older than 3 years of age. This magical world is too awkward for the smaller ones so, please, comply with this rule.
  • You can stay in the room as long as you want. Both young and older people are so interested in this illusion so allow yourself to enjoy new experiences created by the illusion which tricks your sight.

Almost at the same moment the same one person can be as thin as a rake, curved like a snake or  as wide as a bowl.  Everything is in the same room! The Distorted Mirror Room is waiting for you, so come and look at yourself! Deny the laws of gravitation and allow your knees to be curved if they want that!

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