Ribbon Maze

Ribbon Maze is a unique and exceptional maze, the only one in Lithuania which will fulfil you with good emotions!

If you enter it, you will enter into the festival of colours and music and you will want to stay here for longer. A sea of colorful ribbons makes the search of the exit from the maze even more difficult. They will wrap up your arms and legs like climbers from the rainforest jungles. And won’t let you move quickly and see where you’re going. It may sound a little scary but not as scary that you won’t like to visit this maze!

Even though the maze is not big, colourful lights and rhythmic music break concentration and the maze might seem very easy to get lost in. So the best way is to enter into the Ribbon Maze with your friends or family by holding hands. It will be much more fun and sensations felt together will make you all closer. By the way, this maze is the most enjoyable entertainment for you little visitors.

How much laughter and joy the maze brings to children! It doesn’t matter if you found the exit from the maze or  you lost your way due to the colours and appeared near the entrance. The good emotions and fun experience are guaranteed not only for children. In other words, the Ribbon Maze doesn’t make neither little, not big ones indifferent.

We definitely know that everyone wants to save those fun moments, but Ribbon Maze is a difficult background for photos. You will need a lot of patience and stubbornness to make spectacular photos in dusk… but if you don’t expect to make a photo from the first time, then everything is possible!

Because you cannot see further than your nose in the Ribbon Maze, be careful and don’t hurry up while searching for the exit. Go slowly and carefully, protect yourself and others who also search in this maze.

  • Do not run and do not push each other that you won’t get hurt yourself and others.
  • Do not pull the ribbons and do not weave them.
  • It is very important to avoid using any sources of fire because it is strictly forbidden.
  • This maze might seem very scary for your four-legged friends so they are not allowed to enter the maze.


The Labyrinth Park is an oasis of new sensations!