Water bumper boats

Have you ever tried going in an electric bumper car in the entertainment park? If so, we are sure that the memories you made make you smile and feel good up to now. The Labyrinth Park offers an alternative of this entertainment which will make even bigger impressions both to the big and small visitors of the park – Water Bumper boats. These are uncommon boats, but super crazy boats where you can move like a whirlwind!

The boats are not only for spinning in the water, but to push each other as well! This entertainment can become a real strategic game, during which your aim is to break through the opponents and stay dry.

Water bumper boats are the perfect vehicle for acquiring the first driving skills. Because knocking the side of other vehicle is not only allowed but it is really a must!

  • If you want to drive the boat, you should be higher than 110 cm in height;
  • Long hair should be tied and lifted above shoulders
  • Do not forget protective vests that will be given by the instructor;
  • Protect you items that are more valuable because during the water battle fight you can even do not feel them falling into the pond. The safest way is to entrust for your fiends’ protection on the shore;
  • One adult and one child are recommended to sit in a boat;
  • Keep your hands and legs inside the boat;
  • In case of  any problems, stay in the boat and raise your hand that the instructor can help you;
  • The entertainment is forbidden for pregnant women, people with neck, heart or back health problems;
  • One session lasts for 5 min. However, the entertainment is included into the ticket price, so you can enjoy it for unlimited number of times!

The Labyrinth Park is a place where you can relax and spend good time with your family!

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