The summerhouse of arcade machines

The Labyrinth Park is a place where you will be in the nature for almost the whole time and it will allow you to have a rest, relax and smile for the whole time. It is amazing that visitors come smiling to our park but leave it even happier. So everyone will find the entertainment he likes most. If after a whole day of adventures and active entertainment you would like to stay more quietly for a while, the summerhouse of arcade machines is a perfect place. There both children and adults will find what to play. Arcade machines are for diving into adventures which require less physical activity! The summerhouse of arcade machines is unique because you will find various entertainments here. Table football is the most famous one that attracts the most visitors. You can play it for free for as much time as you want. Separate into teams and strive for the world record.

The game is more interesting and more pleasant when you have a concrete goal

While parents play table football, children can try out other entertainment. Coin operated car rides is one of the most enjoyable entertainments for kids. It is a perfect entertainment even for very little children because there are vehicles that are not open so the child sitting in it is very safely. Children do not get bored of this entertainment for a long time so adults will be able to try out our other entertainments. Basketball is another entertainment loved by the visitors.

If you have tried your skills outside and you think that you can compete with yourself, improve your own personal record, in such a case we offer trying out basketball where you will be encouraged to through as fast as possible. The more skills you have, the better you are. And what is your record? Children usually choose to drive a vehicle the display of which creates the illusion of movement. If the child tried out to drive outside and he did well, in such a case he should try going faster and with some more obstacles. It is the second stage after trying!

There are various arcade games in the park so everyone will find an entertainment suitable for him! You can stay here as long as you like. Let yourself to relax!

The Labyrinth Park is both for a grandson, and a grandma!

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