Bunny Meadow

We invite you to visit Bunny Meadow. Bunny Meadow is one of the attractions in the Labyrinth Entertainment Park. Here, you can not only enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature but also the wonderful and friendly company of amazing animals. After all, almost everyone loves animals. It would be difficult to find a person who, upon seeing bunnies, wouldn’t want to hug and cuddle them endlessly. The visit is included in the ticket price, so enjoy the company of these little animals for free and as long as you want.

Bunny Meadow is a great place not only to get acquainted with various colored bunnies but also to talk to them, discover that magical connection and relationship that is necessary for everyone. Children often spend a lot of time in the zoo, curious about everything, but adults, who usually don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the company of domestic animals, can also benefit. Bunnies are perhaps the most beloved. The furry creatures love the park visitors, always happily eating the freshly picked grass from your hands.

  1. Please do not feed the animals with unauthorized food. It’s fine to treat the bunnies with the grass you find on your side of the fence, but do so in moderation.
  2. Ensure your safety and that of others. Animals, like people, can sometimes be unpredictable. In such cases, please refrain from approaching the animals. Enjoying them from a distance is still delightful!
  3. Do not disturb or provoke the bunnies. Supervise your little ones so that they touch the bunnies gently without causing any harm.
  4. Do not take photos of the animals with a flash. They don’t like it and may feel uncomfortable…
  5. Smile at the residents of Bunny Valley! They sense it and will radiate great energy back to you!

Respect the bunnies, and they will respect you. The little animals love people, so take some time to interact with them. After leaving the labyrinth and feeling a close connection with nature, it’s time to make friends with the animals.