Little squirrel playground

The Labyrinth Park is full of various entertainments. And each visitor of the park is amazed by their variety and abundance. All entertainments in the park develop various skills, make new sensations and offer unforgettable experiences. Little Squirrel playground is one of them. This entertainment is one of the novelties of the season of 2021. The entertainments make happy not only the new visitors of the park but also those, who visit the Labyrinth Park repeated every year.

So this entertainment is suitable for the lovers of extreme sensations. Or who are not afraid to leave the ground and jump like squirrels by overcoming various obstacles. The visitors will not only need to be courageous but also physically fit, persevering and patient. You will need to overcome various obstacles. What is more, the obstacles are not stable; they move from side to side and require physical strength.

In order to experience as many various sensations and the rush of the adrenaline, the routes are made in different heights. So before going up you will need to make sure that your inner Tarzan is not afraid of height.

The route of the climbing park is suitable for children up to 140 cm height. This is a perfect activity for active children who are constantly searching for new sensations, want to try themselves out and try out extreme sensations. It is very important that parents watch their little climbers. You know that all the instructions and rules how to enjoy the entertainment safely given by instructions are forgotten when you dive into the adventures.

So that the visit in the Labyrinth Park reminds of pleasant memories both for the little and big ones, we ask to fallow the instructions and the safety rules. If you want to enjoy this entertainment, do not forget your casual clothes and comfortable shoes. Clothing should not restrict your movements and the shoes should be comfortable with non-slip soles.

The Labyrinth Park is amazing for its variety of entertainments!

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