Mini excavator

If you have always been interest into the construction sphere, but you never had an opportunity to try it what kind of builder you were, in such a case mini excavator is a perfect choice to try out the machinery that requires special skills. Even though the machinery is not big by itself, it is perfect both for the children and adults. We notice that parents even want to try it more, so if you are interested, you are welcome!

Mini excavator is a paid entertainment, it is one of the coin operated attractions in the park.

The time of the game is limited, but usually when there is no queue, we allow enjoying it for longer. You can dig the sand and pour it nearby and try to create huge dunes. You can be a king in the construction site so you can bravely try different opportunities, play with machinery and maybe you will find a new specialist in yourself! It is so simple to operate the machinery that even children from the age of 3 years old perfectly understand how to operate that the excavator will move.

Of course, if it is more difficult for a child, parents standing nearby can always help. Explain and later on give an opportunity to independently do the work. And while a child tries to do complicated works, parents should not forget to take photos. So that they can be the first proofs why a child chose the profession he will choose when he grows up.

Mini excavator is situated in a perfect place. It is surrounded by nature so even the game lasts quite long, parents won’t see any problems. It is so good to be in the nature. There are other entertainments nearby so if a big family came or the whole form, everyone will find such an entertainment which suits most. If you are hungry, you will find a café nearby where you can purchase delicious snacks. Because after a difficult work in construction, you usually want to snack so much, so bon appetite!

The Labyrinth Park is a perfect place to try out some entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else. And when we have opportunities, they must be enjoyed!

The Labyrinth Park is for everyone who is eager for new experiences![/vc_column_text]

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