Giant’s Table

There are several places in our Park such as Chess and Checkers, the Jenga game where you can feel yourself as a dwarf. And the Giant’s Table is one more place which makes even the tallest people very little. Why is it so? Because this table belongs to the dweller of the Park – the giant Pinocchio!

The Giant’s Table also has two huge stools nearby, so photos on them will be even more spectacular. You can make photos not only be standing near these big pieces of furniture but also by sitting on them. Then you will make an illusion that you are having dinner at the Giant’s Table and the photos will look really impressive. Other beautiful pieces of our park lie in the background so the result in the photo will be really aesthetic and will bring back vivid memories even after decades of years.

We have made a comfortable ladder which joins a table and stools for climbing. But if you want to experience more adventures you should definitely climb on the furniture without ladder! Yes, it might be complicated but more exciting. It’s not an everyday experience to climb furniture. Where will you get such an opportunity to try it if not in our park!

    • Photo shoots will remind you of beautiful memories spent here for a long time.
    • Just you must comply with all safety requirements. Be responsible and take care of yourself and others.
    • The Giant’s Table is for free and you can stay as long as you want. Of course, if there is a queue after you, let them try this entertainment as well.

The Giant’s Table is a perfect place for the whole family. Just look after children and pets that they move safely both on the table, and on the stools.

The Labyrinth Park is for warm memories!


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