Mini train

A mini train regularly goes and makes the visitors happy in the Labyrinth Park. It is a nice single coach mini train. It reminds us of a mini steam train from the cartoons loved by children. This entertainment is a perfect choice if you want to get acquainted with the Labyrinth Park. You can see all the attractions and choose which entertainment to choose as a first one. It is the only one vehicle in which you can ride slowly and look around the park. Riding it you can enjoy the beauty of nature and check which entertainment has the shortest queues.

It goes along the pedestrian path in the Labyrinth Park and if you wish it can stop at any place of the park. So it is not only a perfect way to look around the park, but also as a transport for resting your legs from jumping on the Trampoline but helping to get quicker to the Bumper boats. Of course, you don’t need to hurry up in the Labyrinth Park because the ticket is valid all day long, but we understand that you are in a hurry to try out the entertainment you enjoyed most for many times.

Both little and big can ride the mini train. Even though it is small, the whole family can comfortably fit in here, because 8 people can fit in the coach. The mini train goes at the speed of 4 kilometres per hour. Of course it is much slower than the fast trains of Shanghai, but we need to take care of each other’s safety and health even at this speed. So don’t jump into a mini train when it goes along the tracks. You can leave it only when it has completely stopped. During the ride, sit in your own seat, keep your hands and legs inside.

Important information

Children less than 3 years of age should sit in the adult’s lap. Do not swing the coach, do not jump. This entertainment is for calm riding only. The Tubby slide, Carousel for kids, trampolines and Bumper boats are perfect for the lovers of extreme sensations.


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