Mirror maze

Mirrors are a mystical objects that can help to feel very strangely. The majority believe that if you look at several different mirrors at the same time, you can feel unusual experiences so the Mirror Maze is a beautiful experience that is suitable for children from the age of 3 and older who want to feel the world of magic.

However, if you want to visit the Mirror Maze, you need courage. It is a place that allows to feel exceptional experience. Mirrors that are arranged next to each other are very misleading. You will see yourself everywhere! Your goal is to find an exit from the kingdom of mirrors. Do you think that it is simple to go out of the Mirror Maze? The good tactics and expedient going are the most important things. Everything is not as simple, because special lamps, that create the atmosphere more magical and make the exit more difficult to find, are installed. By the way, when you search for an exit, stop for a minute and make a photo because it is a unique place where dozens of your images intertwine and there is a magic of colours. The majority says it is a fabulous place. Do you agree?

The Mirror Maze suits for everybody who wants to go deeper into the world of magic.

Recommendations are the following:
  • Mirror Maze is a perfect place for birthdays!
  • It is a perfect place for people who love admiring themselves and look at their image in the mirror. Is it not better to see several images at one time?
  • If you feel that you will be able to go through the maze because you have some magical powers, it is the best place to prove it!
  • It is a safe place so it is perfect both for a grandson with a grandpa. If your grandpa tells that he has seen everything in his life, just show him the Mirror Maze! Is it so usual and seen?
  • The Mirror Maze is created in such a way that all the visitors will feel safe. Although, we recommend asking your children do not run too much that it will be easier to search for an exit and that they won’t disturb other visitors.
  • It is included in to the ticket price.

The Labyrinth Park is for magical experiences!

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