The Great Maze is the pride of the Labyrinth Park and the most complex maze in the Park. In order to find a way through it, you will need to complete some tasks. First of all you will need to find a way to the viewpoint in a tree. When you find it, don’t forget to climb it and enjoy the view. It is incredible! From there you can enjoy the picture of mazes which is perfect as a background for a selfie! After you enjoyed the view of the Labyrinth Park from the viewpoint, it is time to concentrate and find an exit. You will need to finish a half of the maze. So, let’s go!

The Great Maze, as well as othe rmazes in the Park, is a perfect entertainment both for children and adults. High, green walls of the Maze made of willow branches leave a feeling of wandering through the jungle while searching for the exit.  While the Maze reminds of the jungle, don’t be afraid of any tiger or panther that might jump out of the corner because there are none of them here.

By the way, don’t forget to bring your pets inside and maybe they can even help to find a way out without wandering and much quicker.

  • All, children, parents and grandparents love the Maze. Its paths are universally adapted for visitors of different exercise tolerance.
  • You can come over together with your pet and try getting out of the Maze. Entertain yourself with your whole family!
  • The Great Maze is unique because it is fun to enjoy it while the weather is good, colder or even when it is raining.
  • The Maze is not only an ideal entertainment but also an opportunity to spend more time in the nature. If you want to stay among plants but you don’t find time, in the Maze you won’t have any other choice than enjoy the pleasures of the nature until you find a way out!
  • The paths of the Maze are taken care of so they are suitable for wheel chair users.

The Great Maze is an adventure for the bravest to try out! It is a must try for one time definitely and if you try once, you will want to repeat more and more times to break the record of going out of the Maze!

The Labyrinth Park is for people, who want to chill out!