Big Jenga

Big Jenga is a strategic, psychological game created by Leslie Scott that also develops physical skills. Probably you enjoyed the game for several times since it is a way to spend your time with fun in the party. In general, Jenga is such a simple but inclusive game that you cannot stop if you started it. Especially when the loser needs to do a task, give a fine or a fortfeit (a thing that one needs to win back by performing tasks), the game becomes even more interesting!

By the way, in order to make Jenga game more impressive we have increased it seveal hundred times! Really! Our Jenga is as big as you are so if you want to remove a block, you need even more skills and more physical abilities, best strategy and involvement. Play it together with your relatives and include all visitors of the park into the game!

The rules are very simple

Each player has to take a block from a tower in turn that the whole tower won’t fall apart. The block you take out has to be put on the top of the tower and in such a way make a tower bigger. The one who destroys the tower loses. Unless… when a game is such as interesting one – all players are winners!

  • There is more than one block tower in the playground so everyone who wants can try out such a fun activity that also creates good emotions.
  • Big Jenga is a perfect place for photo shoots. If you want to show that you were in the country of giants, when you can show your emotions by those blocks. Checkers will be in the second background behind you nearby, and Chess even further!
  • The game is made of wood and is very pleasant on the skin. Even on a hot day it won’t be too hot, you will easily remove and put them on top. The higher the tower – the bigger achievements. Build it taller than you!
  • The game is perfect both for kids, and adults. You can play it for free as long as you want. Let for kids and grandmas play it. Include a pet in a game if you brought him along! Because it is so good to be together.

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