Big Chess and Checkers

Are you a real master of checkers or chess? Do you think of yourself as of a perfect player and you are sure you can beat everyone who challenges you? In such case we offer to prove it! Big Chess or Checkers is an interesting game and opportunity to prove that you are an expert in this game. There is a challenge for you: win a game and you can proudly call yourself a perfect chess or checkers player!

In fact, our game is special, because if you want to be a winner, you will not only need to create complicated strategies in advance. But also you will need to be physically fit because the pieces are big. Of course, big pieces make the game more sophisticated and increase your eagerness to win.

The most important thing is to participate, the victory is always sweet
  • Checkers can be a place for a short relaxation. If you got very tired of the mazes and want to relax for a while, sit down on checkers. You really haven’t tried doing this in real life so why not?
  • It is a perfect entertainment for a big group of people that includes everyone. If you want to try your strength with other visitors, be brave and ask them to join into the game! The Labyrinth Park is a place where everyone is a friend!
  • If you have always wished to learn how to play chess, but you didn’t dare, now it’s the best time. When pieces are so big it is much easier to feel the stategy of the game. And theory comes with practice.
  • Small children are really interested in Big Chess and Checkers because they want to feel each curve of the piece with their own hands.

Even though playing with the pieces of magnificent size is a very interesting experience. The majority doesn’t dare to move them from their squares and choose to make photos instead. To make a photo is a must if you want to have exceptional photos in your album to create an effect of impression and remind you of a very fun day! Be brave to move pieces and it can become a perfect photo shoot. The king of the family can hold the piece of the king, and the queen of the family may do the same with the piece of the queen. Beautiful photos will remain a cozy memory to frame on the wall.

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