Shooting range

Do you think that you can be a very good sniper (man or woman) in the future, but you don’t have any opportunities to test your practical skills? In such a case the Shooting range in our park is the perfect choice. Even though children love this entertainment very much, the little person needs to be of such height that he could successfully hold the gun and see the target at the same time. Ten shots are given for each visitor to try out his skills.

You will get a perfect paintball gun used for shooting into special targets in the Shooting range. The Shooting range is a perfect place for you skills of accuracy to test and to evaluate you thoroughness as well. Concentration is the most important thing and very good results usually come with practice. Maybe out shooting range will be the motive to be more interested in the paintball opportunities. The best time is now, so give a try!

  • Shoot into the targets only. We recommend avoid moving around with the paintball gun that you won’t scare the people nearby. We are joking but you wouldn’t like to shoot accidently and make other people dirty, would you?
  • If your children decided to give a try for a shoot, we recommend you to be nearby. If necessary, you can help, direct the gun correctly. The view is much clear from the top and additional advice is necessary.
  • If you want to shoot straight into the ten scores, you need to concentrate more and strain the gaze. The more concentrated and the more detailed you are, the better results you will achieve.
  • The Shooting range is a perfect choice for people of different age groups so both, a 10 year old child, and a 70 year old grandpa can have their birthday here.

If you want to experience as many adventures and experiences as possible, in such a case, a visit to the Shooting range is a must. 10 shots and all the time is yours. Immerse yourself into the entertainment and find new talents in yourself.

The Labyrinth Park is for brave decisions!


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