Playground for kids

The Labyrinth Park is a beautiful place both for adults and for small children. Since the choice of adventures is vast, everyone will find what he likes most. And when the little ones get tired of waiting when their parents will end playing the Giant Chess, they can go to the playground to spend their time with other children and have fun. The visitors of our park are like a big community, and everyone can make friends.

The playground for kids is a perfect place to spend your time with fun but also to find new friends. We offer a wide complex of games so everyone will find what to do. Of course, swing is always the most fun entertainment that all the small children and bigger children love. If a child wants to feel wind in his hair, swing is a universal choice then.

A playground roundabout to sit or stand on are liked as well. Up to 7 children can try it so it is a perfect place to get acquainted. According to the needs, you can vary the speed from a very slow to the faster. The best thing is when children sit and hold tightly and parents turn the roundabout little by little. If you like jungle gyms, you must try out the house/ obstacle course  which helps to develop physicla strength. You will need to go on the rope ladder, climb on the top of the house with your hands, and ifnish the climbing on the slide. And most of all – to repeat everything many times as it is so fun! Spring riders are waiting in the playground and they create the illusion of movement so children can entertain while parents have a snack!

The playground for kids is completely safe and customized for the needs of children at different age. Of course, if you want that the stay here is completely safe, we offer following some rules.
  • Do not leave children alone. If you sit further away, follow them at least with your eyes.
  • We ask to leave pets out of the playground. If they come to the park together with you, let them stay at a distance from other children that the children don’t get afraid.
  • Explain to your child how he should behave in the playground. Allow him to play friendly with others.

The Labyrinth Park is for best memories!


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