The viewpoint from the tree

Are you a real fan of height because it helps you to feel as a bird, who can watch everybody by flying from above? Especially when everything looks much nicer from above. In such case a visit to our viewpoint in the tree is a must. Many of us dreamed to have a tree house in our childhood. And it is better here! It is the whole viewpoint which will allow seeing the Maze and going through it. Maybe you will be able to follow the turns of the maze and find the exit without entering it? Why not! Usually from above everything seems different, but it is always worth to be prepared.

You can see the unique view of whole Labyrinth Park and a part of Anykščiai from the viewpoint. When you look around the park, you will be able to get acquitainted with the entertainment and decide which games to visit, what places will you and your children like. The viewpoint from the tree is a must see place. You can stay here for as much time as you want for free.

The viewpoint in the tree is a completely safe space, but in order to guarantee additional safety, we offer you following the next recommendations:
  • Be careful when climbing. Pay more attention to your children and remind them to hold to the railings.
  • 2 or less people may enjoy the viewpoint in the tree at the same time.
  • Take care of yourself and others.
  • It is forbidden to climb differently than stairs. Don’t weight through the handrail, don’t climb to the branches of the tree.
  • Don’t jump from the viewpoint down.
  • Smile a lot, breathe in fresh air and find a Tarzan in yourself!

A lot of people usually want to see the Labyrinth Park from above so you cannot stay in the viewpoint for too long. But if you want to enjoy the view and eat a sandwich, nobody will get angry, so enjoy every moment in our park. The time stops and being near the nature helps to be a part of it and find more new experiences. Even staying in the viewpoint is one of the big pleasures!

The Labyrinth Park is for childhood adventures!

Visit us!