Tornado’s tunnel

The labyrinth park is full of various entertainment, with which you will not only actively spend the whole day, but also develop various skills. Entertaining here will activate logical thinking, as well as imagination and experience a variety of sensations. One of the most memorable and imaginative attractions of the park is the Tornado’s Tunnel. It’s a head-turning tunnel that will take you like a science fiction movie with a variety of adventures. One of the adventures is a rotating tunnel, which, depending on your imagination, you can cross anywhere!

For some, this tunnel is reminiscent of a vortex that travels in time. For others, it’s a galactic tunnel that can be reached through planets unknown to scientists. And for others it’s just a fun and colorful attraction that creates a sense of instability. As it would be, it is an attraction full of various colors and lights, which is not as easy to navigate as it may seem at first glance. And it’s certainly not because of too much volatile imagination or lack thereof. The Tornado’s Tunnel creates the illusion of a turn. And the flashing lights reinforce that illusion, so it’s very important to follow the handrails before entering.

This entertainment can be enjoyed by all visitors of the park, both small and large, but due to the sensations caused by the illusion of rotation, we recommend that you visit here before a snack – you do not know how your stomach may react …

You will find this entertainment next to the Labyrinth of Strips. Therefore, for those looking for more extreme sensations, we recommend that you go to the colorful maze immediately after crossing this tunnel – due to disturbed balance and orientation skills, the search for the exit of the strip maze will be maximally difficult.


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