Safari Train

Embark on a cheerful journey aboard the colorful electric Safari train. This train radiates joy, captivating the youngest visitors of the Maze Fun Park! This four-carriage train is vibrant, adorned with cheerful Safari animals. Including a playful elephant, graceful giraffe, jungle monarch Lion, and a cute zebra. So, as you sit in the train, you will immediately embark on a magical expedition among exotic Safari animals.

This entertainment, like many attractions in the Maze Fun Park, is included in the ticket price. Therefore, with this charming train, you can ride as many times as you wish. Each carriage is a different world, inviting you to share your journey with a new animal friend. Whether you choose to ride with the elephant, hop to the carriage adorned with a zebra, or travel with the jungle king Lion. The choice is yours!

However safe this Safari train may seem, it is crucial to adhere to safety rules, as they are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers:

Standing while the train is in operation is prohibited. To guarantee a safe and comfortable journey, all passengers must remain seated throughout the ride.

Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Riding the train is always safer with a responsible adult, ensuring a delightful and secure experience for the little ones.

Exiting the train is allowed only with the permission of the instructor. If you wish to disembark from the Safari train before the end of the journey, inform the instructor, and they will stop the train.

Join us at the Maze Fun Park and experience an enchanting journey on the Safari train. Let the colorful train transport you to a world of wonder, where each ride will delight our little visitors and bring the widest smiles to everyone. So, buckle up, enjoy the ride, and create precious memories having fun with the whole family!