Torture Chamber

Will you dare to enter a new attraction at the Labyrinth Entertainment Park? It’s a torture chamber featuring two electric chairs and a spiked torture wall. Don’t be too quick to be frightened! Although the name might induce shudders, rest assured, it’s not as scary as it may seem from the first few lines. This room, inspired by horror movies. Is just a brief break from the colorful attractions and is designed to add variety to your photo gallery.

Upon entering the chamber, darkness envelops you like a cloak, and the air is filled with an aura of mystery. The room is adorned with spikes on the walls and an antique Lithuanian TV called “Šilelis,” adding an extra touch of nostalgia and intrigue. By the way, the TV is functional! It’s an engaging room that will pique the curiosity of both adults and children.

Once inside and accustomed to the eerie atmosphere, you’ll notice two electric chairs. Dare to sit in them – it’s only a simulation, but the tension you feel approaching them is real! Pressing a button, the room comes to life with electric sounds and flashing lights. We believe that, even if briefly, you’ll question whether it’s really safe here, and this sensation adds a bit of suspense to your adventure at the Labyrinth Entertainment Park.

The torture chamber is not just an amusement object. It’s a short journey into a chilling past and is included in your ticket price. The Labyrinth Entertainment Park invites you to experience the other side of entertainment – something a bit chilling but incredibly interesting, unexpected, and unique in your visit to us.

So, are you ready to discover the Torture Chamber? Visit the Labyrinth Entertainment Park and delve into a world of more fun and diverse experiences! Here, you’ll find not only rides but also deceptive and illusion-filled experiences that will make you ponder what is real and what is just an inspiring illusion. Learn more at and let the adventure begin!

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