The Round Maze is a perfect choice in case you want to have a quieter walk. The goal is to find the centre of the Maze: a place where a bench will wait for you and where you can sit on to relax and enjoy the pleasures of nature.

Could it be easier to find the centre if you evaluate from which side the sun shines? Or maybe is it better to use your logical thinking skills and try drawing complicated schemes on your phone? Maybe is it better to mark the path with crumbs that if you lose your way, you will find the same way back? If you came with your pet, could he help to find the centre of the Maze and the exit? Adventures are waiting for you, so dive into them!

If you plan to come during poor weather, it is a good idea, because poor weather gives some special charm to the Maze. It means that you will still be able to relax and simply enjoy the rain when you reach the centre of the Maze. Of course it is useful to have suitable shoes because if you want to have unforgettable experiences, it is important to walk in big steps and try out all the pleasures of the Maze. Admire, smell, find, enjoy and smile! The Round Maze can tire out physically but will help to completely relax psychologically. By the way, you will find a wish stone in the centre of the Maze on which you can stand on and the wishes you think will come true!

What do you need to have if you want to go through the Round Maze successfully?

  • First of all, you will need good mood. If you smile lots, you will have more good emotions and it will be easier to go through the maze. It is said that only those, who smile at lot, find the exit!
  • Take care of appropriate shoes. You will definitely go to other mazes as well and don’t forget to try out our other activities. Good shoes guarantee a perfect sense of wellbeing.
  • If you came on a hot day and plan to walk through the mazes for a longer time, a bottle of water is a must. In such case even the biggest challenges will be conquered! Good team is the most important thing.

The Round Maze is a place for adventures where you can dive into discoveries and get new experience. If you are a real hunter of adventures, this Maze is a perfect choice.

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