Almost everyone loves animals. It will be difficult to find a person who wouldn’t like to cuddle bunnies strongly and pet them… So to make the stay in our Labyrinth Park more fun and children can meet animals. We offer visiting our Mini Zoo. The visit is included into the price of the ticket so you can enjoy the company of the animals for free and as long as you want.

Mini Zoo is a perfect place to get to know the kinds of animals closer but also to talk to them and find that magic relation with an animal that is crucial to everyone. Not only children who are curious spend much time in the zoo, but also adults, who often don’t have opportunities to enjoy the company of pets, like to spend time here. Bunnies are almost the most loved ones. Furry creatures like the visitors of the park a lot and eat the grass from their hand. You will be kindly welcome by the little goats that will charm with their beautiful eyes. Most people say that they can even smile! How do you think? Of course, we have various birds that make sounds and spread good vibes and create positive energy in the park. More and more happy animals find their place in our zoo so you can come every year and meet new animals that wait for smiling visitors!

Rules in the Zoo:

  • Don’t feed the animals with food that is not suitable for them. It is ok to feed the little goats with the grass you find on your side of the fence, just don’t give them too much.
  • Take care of yourself and others. Animals may sometimes be out of sorts as well as people. In such case don’t talk to animals. It is fun to look at them as well!
  • Don’t irritate or provoke the inhabitants of the Mini Zoo. Look after your children that they won’t climb under the fence.
  • Don’t make photos using the flash. They don’t like it, they feel uncomfortable.
  • Smile to the inhabitants of the Zoo! They feel them and will give the good energy back!

Respect the animals of the Zoo and they will respect you. Animals like people so spend some time with them. When you come out of the maze and feel a close relation with trees, it is time for a closer friendship with animals.

Labyrinth park – for all who wants to make friends!

Visit us!