Electric Cars

NEW for the 2023 season! Fun and colorful electric cars designed for driving the way you want, without following traffic rules. Riding them will add even more joy, colors, and smiles to your day! Here, you can spin, bump into another car, and maneuver as you please. So, get ready for entertainment where both children and adults will experience unforgettable moments together.

Electric cars come in various colors, bright and playing a variety of music loudly. Riding them for even a short while immerses you in a colorful world where each car is a unique journey! Choose an electric car in your favorite color and let the laughter-filled ride begin.

Enjoying this attraction is ageless. If you can reach the steering wheel and have the strength to turn it, your age is just right for driving this attraction! Our electric cars are designed to be comfortable for both young and old drivers. Therefore, it is one of the many entertainments perfectly suited for any age, providing an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy fun together.

These amazing cars not only create a fantastic atmosphere but are also included in the admission price to your Labyrinth Fun Park! You can enjoy this experience as many times as you want.

The best part? There are no limits to your adventures with us, as you can have fun all day at the Labyrinth Fun Park. Both the electric cars and other attractions in the park are unlimited, so come prepared for endless adventures. Take a break from everyday life and indulge in boundless fun with the whole family!

Visit the Labyrinth Fun Park and see for yourself that both young and old can have fun with us!

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