Corn Maze

Every year in the Maze Entertainment Park in Anykščiai, a corn maze is opened to visitors in August. This maze, unlike others in the park, stands out with its size and complexity. Therefore, overcoming it will require not only patience but also a map, which will be provided to each visitor at the cash register.

The maze is special not only because of its size but also because of its origin story. Like every twist in every maze path in our park, it is conceived, calculated, and drawn by the founder of the maze park himself, David. And that’s not all! He, along with the team, walks through the cornfield, measures, and cuts the paths of the corn maze. So, like all the mazes in the Maze Park, this is a fun activity that was created with a lot of effort from our team. Therefore, we invite everyone, both young and old, to visit and appreciate!

Corn Maze Rules:

  • Before entering this maze, make sure you have the Corn Maze map with you.
  • It is forbidden to enter the corn maze without it.
  • Children cannot enter the maze without adult supervision.
  • It is forbidden to pick, tear, and break the corn. You can only walk on the maze paths.
  • If you get lost or have a question, call the number indicated on the map 😉
  • It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke in the maze.
  • On rainy days, the maze paths are wet, so before entering the maze, make sure you have appropriate footwear or, if weather conditions permit, go into the maze barefoot 😉 Shoe cleaning stations are installed at the entrance and exit of the maze.

This maze, like all other attractions, is included in the ticket price 😉

Maze Park – unforgettable entertainment and good times!