This entertainment is a favorite among our youngest park visitors! A colorful, gigantic trampoline spanning 80 square meters is included in the ticket price, allowing all visitors to the Labyrinth Entertainment Park to enjoy it. It is the greatest joy for our little visitors, filled with bright soft obstacles and ramps. Therefore, the little adventurers will have plenty of activity and fun for a long time here.

The trampoline is perfect not only for children but also for the accompanying parents. Run, jump, skate, somersault, and have a great time with the whole family! The good news is that there are no restrictions on your fun time here. You can enjoy the trampoline as much as your heart and energy allow!

The trampoline is located in a very convenient location. There is a children’s play area, a picnic area, and a private festive gazebo nearby. So, if you come to celebrate a birthday with a group of kids, and there are not many accompanying persons – all the kids will surely find something to do in one place, and parents can enjoy their rest while observing all the little ones on both the trampoline and the children’s play area.

As enjoyable as it is to indulge in activities, we encourage you not to forget about safety.

When jumping on the trampoline, be sure to take off your shoes. Wear socks, as some parts of the trampoline can get hot on warm summer days. Do not carry sharp objects with you. Be cautious while having fun; do not push. When sliding down the ramps, make sure there are no people at the bottom. The skate ramps on the trampoline are meant for skating only. Jumping from them is strictly prohibited. Do not bring food and drinks onto the trampoline.

We want to remind you that parents or other accompanying adults are responsible for supervising the children on the park premises.

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