Labirintų parko records

“Labyrinth Park” in Anykščiai has been promoting active leisure since 2014. Not only delighting visitors with popular attractions and entertainment. But also with mazes of various complexities, which have become record-breaking this year. They are the main attractions of the park, setting it apart from all other amusement parks in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. Currently, the park boasts THREE registered Lithuanian records!

Each maze in the park is different and unique, conceived by the park’s oner, Deividas Dilys. He, along with his team, creates and transforms the maze from a drawing to reality. Therefore, every visitor to the park can test their navigational skills and appreciate the creativity of the park’s founder by wandering through them. Currently, the Labyrinth Entertainment Park features corn, hemp, three different straw mazes, the most amusing ribbon and mirror mazes, and a meditative-energetic labyrinth.

1. 2021 Largest Corn Maze in Lithuania

The Corn Maze holds symbolic significance as the first maze that inspired the idea to create the entire Labyrinth Park over a decade ago. Achieving this record was the result of meticulous planning, measurements, drawing, and the precise transfer of the maze from paper to an almost 4-hectare cornfield. Despite facing a shortfall of 500 meters for the record, the team decided to proceed, and staff worked diligently, even in heavy rain. The result: an additional 672 meters, making the total length of the maze 2272 meters!

In 2021, visitors to the Labyrinth Park had the opportunity to experience a record-sized Corn Maze with an area of 3.8 hectares and a path length of 2.27 km. The maze is an annual addition to the park’s entertainment area, with Deividas creating a new maze each year in a field planted with corn.

2. 2021 Largest Straw Maze in Lithuania

Straw mazes are among the first mazes that marked the beginning of the Labyrinth Entertainment Park’s history. In 2012, three straw mazes of various sizes, shapes, and complexities were created from straw bales. One of the most challenging is the Great Maze. It was renovated in 2021, featuring a new route that visitors find even more challenging. The size of this maze is 1977 sq. meters, and its path length is 951 meters. It remains a unique and popular attraction for park visitors.

3. 2023 Father’s Day Record – Most Men Braiding Hurdles Simultaneously

Since 2021, the Labyrinth Entertainment Park has invited families to celebrate Father’s Day together. The day includes fathers adorned with crowns, participating in various competitions, with the winners receiving exciting prizes. One highlight is the selection of the overall winner, known as SUPER DAD. In 2023, a unique record was set during Father’s Day celebrations: the “Most Men Braiding Hurdles” record, with 46 men braiding hurdles for at least 1 minute.

The park expresses sincere gratitude to the “Records Academy” for support and consultations. And “Versmena” for cooperation in ensuring accurate maze measurements. Special thanks go to the entire Labyrinth Park team, where the word “IMPOSSIBLE” simply does not exist!

Labyrinth Park – a place that creates records!