Privacy policy

  1. General provisions

JSC “Adovis”, company code 303170815, address: Skapiškių k. 5, Anykščių sen, Anykščių r. sav., phone +370 652 19991, e-mail (hereinafter referred to as Company), shall pursue to protect the privacy of persons and respect their rights. The ways of collection and usage of information together with other information on the provisions of the Company and the ways to secure the protection of personal data collected shall be clearly and understandably described in the Company’s website (hereinafter referred to as Website). The Company shall pay attention that the privacy policy is not applied when the persons browse the websites of other companies or use the services of the third parties to connect via the network of the Company or other facilities.

While processing the personal data, the Company shall follow the Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Electronic Communications and the requirements of other related legal acts.

  1. General information on the processing of personal data

The Company shall notify that the following personal data (categories of the personal data) can be collected and processed in the website:

  • Personal contact data during payment: I. Name; II. Surname; III. E-mail address; IV. Phone number; V. Reference; VI. Wish; VII. Recipient (if a gift coupon is purchased); VIII. Wish to the recipient (if a gift coupon is purchased);
  • Personal contact data during reservation: I. Name; II. E-mail address; III. Contact phone; IV. Date of reservation; V. Additional notes;

The above mentioned data can be used for replying to requests and stored together with the whole content indicated (including Name and surname, E-mail address, phone number, date of reservation, additional notes).

Company does not collect, store and does not gain your connections to the bank (including the bank account number). All the following data related to your bank accounts are processed by the payment collection systems (Paysera in this case).

The indicated personal data are collected and processed only according to the grounds of legal processing of the data indicated in the legislation. The above indicated data is processed on the following legal grounds:

  • We notify you that your personal data will be stored for the period of 24 months. This period may be extended, if the personal data are used or can be used as a proof or the source of information in the pre-trial or any other investigation, including the investigation performed by the State Data Inspectorate; civil, administrative or criminal proceedings or in other cases indicated by the laws. In such a way personal data can be stored for a long as it is necessary for the purpose of the processing of data and destroyed immediately when they are not necessary any more.

The data collected can be transferred only in such cases when the transfer of data is necessary in the following cases:

  • To the Court of the Republic of Lithuania, law enforcement authorities and (or) state institutions to the extent as it is indicated by the requirements of legislation;

If the recipients of personal data who are present not in the country of European Economic Area (EEA) appeared in this list of personal data recipients, personal data are transferred only to the countries that are confirmed as appropriate for data security level by the decision of the Community or to the countries in respect of which the measures of protection established by the Article 46 (2) or  (3) and Article 49 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation are applied and with which you will be able to familiarize having contacted with the contacts indicated in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Information on cookies

A cookie is a set of data which is integrated into the browser of a personal computer, mobile device or other device by the website. The next time you browse the website, this file can be scanned (and (or) used) that the website can recognize the computer, mobile device or any other device.

Cookies can be used only when a respective subscriber or actual user of the website have agreed.  Agreement is not necessary for technical storage or usage of data, the only purpose of which is to transfer information via electronic communication network, also in cases necessary to provide information public services ordered by subscriber or the actual user of the website.

Agreement on the usage of cookies can be obtained in the following way:  when you access the website of the Company for the first time (or after the time when cookies were deleted or expired), an information message on privacy policy and cookies appear on the screen and by pushing the button of agreement you confirm that you agree with this privacy policy, cookies and provisions of data security.

If the visitor of website does not agree that cookies are saved into his computer or any other device, he can cancel his agreement of usage of cookies at any time by changing the settings or deleting the cookies saved.

Data on cookies used:

Session cookies

Title Domain Path Meaning
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Saved cookies:

Title Domain Path Valid(d) Meaning
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trx_addons_is_retina / 365 0
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  1. The rights of subjects, the data of which are collected and disposed:

The visitors of the website shall have a right to:

  • Familiarize with the collection and processing of data and their usage;
  • Require to correct the personal data collected;
  • Require to remove the personal data collected;
  • Restrict the processing and(or) collection of data;
  • Object the way of the processing and storage of data established by the Company;

Cancel the agreement to process and collect data at any time when data is processed on the grounds of agreement. The cancelation of agreement does not affect the legitimacy of processing of personal data performed until the cancellation of agreement. You can cancel the agreement of collection and storage of data by contacting the Company by the contacts indicated above.

Requests for implementation of rights should be provided to the Company in the written form (including the written format) and there should be an opportunity to identify the identity of the person who filed the request and the identity of the data subject. The identity of the data subject is identified by the document which establishes and (or) certifies the identity or by the means of electronic communication that allow identifying a person correctly. If the request of the data subject is sent by post or via a courier (or post officer), the copy of the document, certified by the order established by legislation and confirming the personal identity of the data subject, must be attached.  When the representative of a person requests the information of a person, he should provide the document (a power of attorney) which confirms his representation and the document (or its copy) certifying the identity of the data subject and his representative if there are not any other rational ways to identify the identities of the representative and the data subject.

  1. Confirmation of security of personal data

The Company shall process the personal data collected according to the Laws of legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. By establishing the means of processing the personal data and during the time of processing of data, the Company shall ensure the proper means of protection of data used for protecting personal information from accidental or illegal destruction, damage, alteration, loss, reveal  or from any other illegal processing or usage of data.

  1. Order of complaints

People shall have the right to complain the actions of the Company to the State Data Protection Inspectorate ( and to the court according to the order established by legislation and complain the actions (or inactions) of the State Data Protection Inspectorate to the court.

  1. Final provisions

The website of the Company can have a link to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations.  It is emphasized that the Company is not responsible for the content of other websites or the actions of collections of privacy and collection of and processing of cookies. If you press the link in our website and after redirection to other website we recommend to familiarize with the privacy policy of the other website and the actions and rules of cookies and storage of data.

Any questions arising due to the processing of the personal data and cookies, their operation can be found in the Company’s website, or get in touch with us by e-mail , phone +370 652 19991, or post sending a letter to address: Skapiškių k. 5, Anykščių sen, Anykščių r. sav.