Dear friends, the more of you, the merrier at the Labyrinth Park!

Therefore, for groups of children from 10 people, we offer exclusive discounts, whether you come with a kindergarten group or a school excursion. Various mazes, attractions, outdoor games, and many other entertainments await you. Here, even the most selective of our park visitors can have a joyous time! All* activities are included in the ticket price, so upon entering, unlimited fun and endless adventures await you.

Plenty of space for team games, up to 8 different mazes that require completing various tasks – these are just a few of the activities you can find at the Labyrinth Park. Carousels, rides, trains, trampolines, and jumping pillows, water battle rafts, a shooting range, a room with distorted mirrors, a basketball court, and even two tire descent tracks. Will you have enough energy to try everything?

To take a break from active activities, stroll through the Green Sculpture Park, take a photo with the giant Pinocchio, or simply enjoy the views from the observation platform in the tree.


Although there is a Pizzeria and a café operating in the Labyrinth Park

where you can enjoy various dishes and snacks, you are welcome to bring your own snacks. For your convenience, there is a free picnic area. Tables and benches are set up here, suitable for larger visitor groups. For your convenience, we recommend informing us in advance about your arrival and reserving the picnic area. And if you prefer sitting on a blanket on the grass – that’s also fine! There are plenty of spots in the park where you can relax and enjoy your snacks.

For groups of students with 10 or more people, the price for one ticket is ONLY

1000 Eur

All activities located in the Labyrinth Park are included in the ticket price.*

*Coin-operated rides and coin-operated game machines are not included in the ticket price.

When arriving with a group, the ticket to Such a Different Town costs 4.00 EUR/person (regular price – 5.00 EUR/person). To visit the Labyrinth Park with a group of students, please contact us for a reservation. We look forward to welcoming you in Anykščiai!