Self service restaurant

Savitarnos Kavinė Anykšiuose

Self service restaurant

When there is so much entertainment in the Labyrinth Park, even the stomachs of the most energetic visitors will ask for refuelling.  Hungry entertainers are always welcome at the Self-service restaurant. It’s a perfect choice for those who like eating delicious and full food. You can fill your plates up to the top with your favourite food as much as your stomach holds in since portion sizes are unlimited here. You will pay for the weight, not for the portion in our restaurant.

Self-service restaurant offers a variety of different dishes to fulfill the needs both of a gourmet and of a person who likes traditional Lithuanian food. Meat dishes are definitely the most delicious ones: classical steaks with various fillings, stews, chicken dishes. What is a catering establishment without potato dishes? We are Lithuanians – the kings of potato dishes! Potato pancakes, cepelinai with traditional Lithuanian sauces, various side dishes from potatoes and French fries. By all means, flour dishes that perfectly suit both for lunch and for supper are recommended for those who like eat well. The most delicious soups that will fill your stomachs up with warmth on a colder day and cold beet soup (šaltibarščiai) is a summer must and no summer day can go without it. Be sure, we have lighter meals as well! Heaps of various salads to choose. Salads suitable for meat dishes, can be eaten alone also. We have traditional Lithuanian and exotic salads.

We haven’t forgotten “I don’t want anything” and ‘I won’t eat this” of our little visitors of the Labyrinth Park. Children will definitely find something from a big menu of food, snacks and drinks. When trying out new entertainment children will soon need refuelling and from “I don’t want anything” they will say “I will eat everything”. Because fresh air and active entertainments increase the appetite for everyone!

The Self-service restaurant is open not only to the visitors of the Labyrinth Park but for all people who search for exceptional places to eat delicious food quickly.

Come over to enliven your taste buds!