Snack bar 

Mėsainių lizdas opened in 2016 and since then their visitors are attracted by the quality, freshness and fun, friendly atmosphere. We offer visitors a taste not only the special hamburger pet, but also a variety of snacks. We also offer fresh coffee with cake or bun. You can pasmalyžiauti ice cream or sorbet to freshen the different flavors that are produced from natural fruit juice. Close to taste and leave full and happy!
Also we can order grilinimui finished products, which can on the coals to bake themselves, unpaid picnic area. +37060114734

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Children driving school (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children over 2 years ( max. wieght of 50 kg.)

Price: 3 min. – 1 Eur 


Children carousel (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children (2-8 years)

Price: 3 min.- 1 entertainment


Mini excavator (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children and adults

Price: 3 min. – 1 Eur


Cascade with inflatable tires (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children and adults

Price: 1 landings – 1 entertainment

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Kid’s playground (free)
Basketball, swings, jungle gym and other free entertainment.



Big chess and checkers

Everyone has the opportunity to try this wonderful pastime.


Rifle-range (charges apply)
Airsoft gun 10 shots – 1 entertainment
Shooting with paintball gun 10 shots – 1 entertainment


Mmirror maze   (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children from 3 years and adults.
Price: entrance – 1 entertainment


Curved mirror room (charges apply)

Price: entrance – 1 entertainmen


Jumping Pillow (charges apply)

Great entertainment for children and adults

Price: 10 min.- 1 entertainment


Mini golf (charges apply)

30 min – 1 entertainment (given sticks, balls, Notes)

mini golfasmini golfas anyksciuose

Viewpoint from tree
An excellent opportunity to review the free park from above.

apžvalgos aikštelė Anykščiuose vaizdas nuo apžvalgos aikštelės

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